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FutureMetrics releases new white paper

April 17, 2015
By FutureMetrics

April 17, 2015 - FutureMetrics recently released its new white paper, “Why the Clean Power Plan is NOT a ‘War on Coal’”

Contrary to what some in the U.S. congress are saying, the Clean Power Plan is not a “war on coal.”

This white paper presents a strategy for compliance with the Clean Power Plan that is friendly to coal. Over the next decades, this strategy provides a highly supportive bridge to the future.

What this white paper presents is a viable, ready-to-deploy, and proven strategy for compliance with the Clean Power Plan. The strategy of co-firing industrial wood pellets with coal does not require some hoped for technological breakthrough. The strategy is already deployed and is successful in many power plants around the world.

The strategy requires the operation of existing pulverized coal power plants. It supports that entire infrastructure. The co-firing strategy is job creating and the incremental cost of the co-firing strategy is very low. For less than a penny per kilowatt-hour the power plant can lower its CO2 emissions by 10 per cent.

There is potentially a play for US coal producers to be part of this strategy.
Shown in this light, the Clean Power Plan is just the opposite of a war on coal.

Download the White Paper from the FutureMetrics website:

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