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FutureMetrics updates free dashboard

April 13, 2015
By FutureMetrics

April 13, 2015 - The interactive dashboard allows you to adjust 14 key inputs to the industrial pellet supply chain model and choose to set the subsidized power price in either Pounds or Euros.

On the producer side:

  • Average wood cost per tonne;
  • Green tonnes of wood to tonne of pellets ratio;
  • Pellet plant operating cost per tonne;
  • Mill-to-port cost per tonne; and
  • Port storage and loading cost per tonne.

Linking pellet producer and utility buyer:

  • FOB price per tonne;
  • British Pounds or Euros per dollar exchange rate; and
  • Gigajoules per tonne.

On the utility side:

  • Shipping cost per tonne;
  • Port unloading cost per tonne;
  • Port-to-plant cost per tonne;
  • Power plant operating cost per tonne;
  • Power plant efficiency; and
  • Total subsidized revenue per megawatt-hour in Pounds or Euros.

You can see the impacts of your changes in the assumptions in a continuously updating chart showing EBITDA/tonne for both producer and buyer.  You can also click on a tab to view a “waterfall” chart which shows the dollars per tonne for each step in the supply chain. 


Open the Dashboard from the FutureMetrics website.  

The dashboard uses Adobe Flash.  You must have Flash installed on your computer.  It is free from Adobe’s website.   

Contact FutureMetrics if your EBITDA/tonne needs help!  

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