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LEI Products introduces a green biomass boiler

December 22, 2011
By LEI Products

Dec. 22, 2011 - LEI Products introduces The Bio-Burner a “green” biomass boiler which is proving to be the “Missing Piece” in the biomass burning industry.

Dec. 22, 2011 – Imagine a jigsaw puzzle that portrays the biomass heating industry. Scattered across the puzzle are many types of biomass fuels with potential for creating heat. In one corner is a group small boilers that burn only stick wood or pellets and in the opposite corner are very large industrial biomass boilers that are very expensive. In the center of the puzzle is a “Missing Piece.”

This “Missing Piece” represents the need for a boiler that can burn multiple types of biomass (wet/dry wood chips, sawdust, pellets, crop stover, etc.) and fill the gap in the niche market of affordable 100k – 1million BTU multi-fuel multi-day biomass boilers. The Bio-Burner IS the “Missing Piece” and as an added bonus, it is as “green” as it gets due to its poster-child EPA standard emissions and abundant biomass fuel possibilities.

The Bio-Burner introduces cutting edge technology (patents pending) in the biomass fuel industry as a multi-fuel, multi-day burner/boiler with a universal feed system.  Heat energy is created by burning both “untraditional” solid biomass fuels (dirty fuels, fine dust products, crop stover, etc.) which in the past have been impractical to burn due to the lack of technology, and traditional fuels (wood chips, corn, pellets, etc.) All of these fuels can be burned in the same unit; therefore, whatever fuel is available or least expensive at the time can be used with the option of changing fuel when necessary. Designed, manufactured and sold by LEI Products in Madisonville, KY, The Bio-Burner’s intent is to use locally produced fuel for the lowest cost and highest value to the end user. The core design of The Bio-Burner is the foundation for future technology in creating micro CHPC (Combined Heat Power and Cooling).

The Bio-Burner product line includes the BB-100, a 100K BTU (29kw) solid biomass boiler for residential or light commercial use; the BB-500, a 500K BTU (150+kw) boiler for commercial / light industrial use; the BB-FPS, Bio-Burner Fuel Processing System that processes fuel into a usable size and then dries the fuel with heat from the BB-500. The BB-100 has been tested and meets the indoor/outdoor and gas UL/CSA safety standards as well as the EPA Phase 2 emissions requirements.


The BB-500 is built with the same safe, clean burning design as the BB-100 and has NO flue sparks or creosote. The BB-500 can also handle fuels with up to 50% moisture content so wet wood chips and sawdust, normally unusable as fuel, can be burned straight from a sawmill. An actual example of the BB-500 as the “Missing Piece” of the biomass heating industry is its ability to burn wood “waste” from the Pine Beetle plague in the Northwest straight from a chipper.

The Bio-Burner uses a unique Fuel Feed System design that has multi-day, multi-fuel capabilities. With the new computer control technology of this system, the nuisance of being a wood slave (continuous monitoring and manually feeding fuel to a boiler/burner) is no longer an issue. The Fuel Feed Systems range in size from 2 – 22 yds (1-5 tons). Depending on fuel type and heat load, the larger systems can hold enough fuel for an entire heating season.

The Bio-Burner has a wide range of applications as an environmentally friendly, economic producer of heat. Just as the list of burnable biomass fuels is growing, so is this list of applications, for example: central heating (sub-divisions, apartment complexes, Native American reservations), department stores, fire houses, schools, churches, ice skating rinks, government buildings, chicken houses, wood kilns, heat treating firewood, drying pallets, tobacco drying and green houses. These applications and more are possible due to both the variety in burner sizes as well as the option of using multiple units in one application.

LEI Products strives to provide not only a product that meets the needs of the customer, but to build a working relationship with the customer through exceptional customer service. Ryan Patterson from Patterson Greenhouses wrote, "We purchased two BB-500’s this summer and immediately put them to use curing tobacco. After curing season we moved the burners to our greenhouses where they will carry almost the entire heat load through the winter. We've been well pleased with their performance at both locations and extremely satisfied with the support that has been given by the entire LEI team!"

Interest in The Bio-Burner is growing not only with the average “green” and money conscious consumers, but industries are recognizing its potential as well. Government agencies dedicated to finding renewable, green, alternative energy sources are also seeing the potential of The Bio-Burner. LEI Products is dedicated to creating innovative environmental solutions for today’s “green” conscious world and The Bio-Burner is just the beginning.
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