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New Vecoplan waste shredder

August 4, 2010
By Vecoplan

Aug. 4, 2010 – The new V-EBS shredder from Vecoplan is designed specifically for processing refuse-derived fuel.


Aug. 4,
2010 – Designed specifically for processing refuse-derived fuel, the new V-EBS
shredder from Vecoplan produces homogenous granulate with minimal fines and
virtually no excess lengths. The V-EBS delivers high throughputs from a wide range
of alternative fuel feed stocks. Other benefits include inexpensive replaceable
wear parts, quick and easy access to maintenance components, and extremely low
energy consumption.

is vertically fed via a 23.5 cubic yard capacity hopper that is mounted above
the cutting chamber. Feedstock up to 98 x 36 inches in size passes into the
cutting chamber, where it is fed into the cutting rotor by a load-dependent
chain floor.

The solid
steel rotor is 39 inches in diameter and features cutting tools that are wedge
clamped into troughs machined into the rotor’s surface. Cutting tools are
available in straight or toothed blades and configured in four to six rows
depending on the application. Up to 54 cutting tools can be mounted on the
rotor. Material is shredded or chipped, depending on the type of blades used,
between the cutting tools and two corresponding counter-knives. Counter-knives
are mounted on easily adjustable crossbars positioned on either side of the
main rotor.

The rotor
is driven by two of Vecoplan’s patented HiTorc motors. HiTorc magnetic pulse
drives increase throughput by up to 100%, reduce power consumption by up to
85%, maximize torque across the full speed range, and eliminate gearboxes,
fluid couplings, and belts. Each motor delivers 275 hp and turns the cutting
rotor at speeds that are variable from 150 to 250 rpm.


uses heavy-duty industrial screens for specific particle size output. Screens
conform to half of the main rotor’s circumference, maximizing surface area and
thereby throughput. Segmented into four precise components to facilitate
cleaning and replacement, the screens are easily accessible via winged access
doors and hinged drop-down holders.,, 336-861-6070

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