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Pinnacle renewables rolls out wireless high temp sensors by SST Wireless

June 7, 2018
By Canadian Biomass Staff

June 7, 2018 - SST Wireless Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of wireless industrial sensor technologies, and Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc., a producer and distributor of wood pellets, announced the successful pilot and deployment of a new generation of wireless high temperature sensors to monitor pellet mill rollers temperatures at all Pinnacle plants. 


The development of the “Vulcan” wireless sensor and communications gateway represents a significant advancement with the sensor’s unique ability to perform in temperature ranges where competitive wireless sensors simply fail due to thermal exposure of electrical components and batteries. The new sensor is designed to be installed directly on to hot equipment surfaces up to 200oC / 392oF depending on ambient temperatures.

“Developing this sensor was a significant project,” said Christopher Chong, president and chief executive officer of SST Wireless. “In fact, the development required our engineering team to change the rules about how wireless sensors are designed and manufactured.

“The sensor is a well-orchestrated combination of mechanical design to house our proven industrial grade electronics which are protected using advanced materials,” Chong said. “Success also required numerous tests and revisions on operating machines.


“Throughout the lengthy development process, Pinnacle provided an incredible level of support and access to their equipment and facilities,” Chong continued. “We were encouraged by their commitment to taking a leadership role in helping us solve this challenge to increase safety and performance for the industry.”

“Safely producing quality pellets is our highest priority,” said Scott Bax, senior vice-president of operations for Pinnacle. “At Pinnacle, we constantly strive to find ways to improve safety and operational efficiencies. We have been working with SST for several years, starting with a sensor for our bearing shafts to now being able to directly monitor the roller temperatures in our machines. 

“We are very pleased with the results and look forward to sharing our experience with our colleagues in the industry through our involvement in the WPAC Safety Committee and the upcoming Wood Products Safety Summit,” Bax said.

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