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‘Scratching the surface’: Jesse Douglas sees tremendous promise to reshape energy landscape

April 23, 2024
By Canadian Biomass Staff

Jesse Douglas, CEO and founder of Green Impact Partners.

Turning waste into energy was a “revelation” for Jesse Douglas, the CEO and founder of Green Impact Partners, and a big reason why he was drawn into the biomass sector.

Douglas has been recognized with an Honourable Mention in the Champion of the Year category at the 2024 Canadian Biomass Awards, a testament to his significant contributions and visionary approach in the industry.

Douglas started on his journey in the bioenergy sector driven by a profound desire to enact meaningful change. Raised in Alberta, a province dominated by energy opportunities, Douglas was naturally drawn to the industry.

“Growing up in Alberta, where energy is the heartbeat of the province, I’ve always felt this pull to make a real impact in the energy sector,” Douglas said, adding that using waste to create energy “offers immediate benefits that resonate deeply with my values and aspirations.”


Douglas has founded, and sold, multiple businesses throughout his career and has been at the helm of numerous engineering, procurement, and construction projects. He has also held executive, board, and senior leadership roles where he has honed his expertise in driving teams to achieve greatness, he said.

In 2021, Douglas founded Green Impact Partners — a “standout” moment for him.

“It embodies the pioneering spirit I’ve always admired,” he said, adding that the real magic lies in “building our team, shaping our culture and leadership.”

Douglas’s enthusiasm for the future of the bioenergy industry is rooted in the innovative advancements in converting waste to energy. He sees biofuels as a critical element of the circular economy, capable of significantly reshaping our energy landscape.

“We’re just scratching the surface with converting waste to energy – and it has tremendous promise to reshape our energy landscape and create a significant environmental impact,” Douglas explained.

Beyond his accomplishments and the accolades, Douglas is a mentor and a source of inspiration for aspiring professionals in the industry. His advice for the next generation is to pave their own paths and challenge the norm.

“Here’s my two cents: don’t just emulate what others have done – forge your own path. Challenge the status quo, dive deep into what drives you, and never settle for mediocrity,” he said, encouraging others to find and pursue their passions with relentless fervor.

“Find that passion that sets your soul on fire and pursue it relentless,” he said.

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