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SDTC makes annual call for fund applications

December 27, 2012
By Scott Jamieson

December 27, 2012, Ottawa - Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is issuing its Annual Call for Applications under the NextGen Biofuels Fund™, created to support the establishment of first-of-kind large demonstration-scale facilities for the production of next-generation renewable fuels and co-products.

“The production of next generation renewable fuels is helping
diversify the economy – by supporting market and technology transitions
in important sectors through the conversion of municipal, forestry and
agricultural waste into sustainable fuels and co-products,” said SDTC
President and CEO Vicky Sharpe. “The NextGen Biofuels Fund™ is helping
to create biorefineries, spurring job creation and investment across

The NextGen Biofuels FundTM supports up to 40% of eligible
project costs. The contribution is repayable based on free cash flow
over a period of 10 years after project completion.

The fund is open for applications all year-round. To be eligible, a project must:

  • be a First-of-Kind facility that primarily produces a next-generation renewable fuel at large demonstration-scale;
  • be located in Canada;
  • use feedstocks that are or could be representative of Canadian biomass; and
  • have demonstrated its technology at pre-commercial scale.

Next-generation biofuels are derived from non-traditional, non-food
renewable feedstocks, such as municipal waste, agricultural and forest
residues, and perennial crops on marginal land, and are produced through
the use of novel conversion technologies.

Detailed information on the NextGen Biofuels Fund™ and on how to
apply is available in the Funding section of the SDTC website at
Prior to submitting an Application for Funding (AFF), candidates should
communicate their intent to SDTC by sending an email to .

About SDTC –

On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sustainable Development
Technology Canada (SDTC) helps commercialize Canadian clean
technologies, readying them for growth and export markets.  With a
portfolio of companies under management valued at more than $2 billion,
SDTC is demonstrating that cleantech is a driver of jobs, productivity
and economic prosperity.

SDTC operates two funds aimed at the development and demonstration of
innovative technological solutions.  The $590 million SD Tech Fund™
supports projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water,
and clean soil.  The $500 million NextGen Biofuels Fund™ supports the
establishment of first-of-kind large demonstration-scale facilities for
the production of next-generation renewable fuels.

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