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Study looks at stover plant for SW Ontario

August 22, 2013
By Scott Jamieson

August 22, 2013, Ridgetown, Ont - A report released this summer looks at the potential for a commercial plant to convert readily-available corn stover to bio-sugars.

Authored by Randy Duffy and Lynn Marchand, Development of a Business Case for a Cornstalk to Bioprocessing Venture examines the potential for a plant converting 250,000 dry tonnes of stover to cellulosic sugars, including possible markets, pricing options, business models, and finacial scenarios. The authors conclude that there is real potential for such a plant using the co-op model.

"Great potential exists for a sustainable cornstalks to bioprocessing venture in Southwestern Ontario. At the farm level corn producers could benefit by moving up the value chain and addressing some agronomic issues by removing excess stover. The use of cellulosic sugar produced from corn stover to produce green chemicals would reduce the environmental footprint through lower greenhouse gas emissions and increased carbon credits in concert with worldwide efforts to develop green chemicals."

The complete 52-page report is available for download here.


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