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Terex line of biomass tree chippers

March 26, 2013
By Terex Environmental Equipment

terex430March 26, 2013, Farwell, MI – Terex Environmental Equipment manufacture a comprehensive line of biomass whole tree chippers that can produce up to 250 tonnes of biomass per hour.

The Terex Biomass Chipper 400 series has three different models and supports customers from biomass plants, logging operations, sawmills, forest services, site clearing and land development.

“What sets Terex Biomass Chippers apart from other manufacturers is the drum in the 400 series,” says Kris Snyder, Terex Environmental Equipment’s Biomass Sales Manager. “These are the largest diameter in the industry which helps improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.”

The heart of the Terex TBC 400 series chippers is the massive 50” diameter drum in all three models. This drum has a 1” drum skin, full pocket cutting surface, and bolt in replaceable wear parts. This drum gives Terex TBC 400 series chippers a mechanical advantage in cutting attack angle, wear, longevity, kinetic energy, and fuel efficiency over other drum chippers on the market.

The large in-feed system and opening enables efficient feed of slash, limbs, short wood, and whole trees. Terex chippers use a full knife pocket across the face of the drum to produce superior high quality chip and faster load times.”


The Terex Biomass Chipper 400 series has three different models and
supports customers from biomass plants, logging operations, sawmills,
forest services, site clearing and land development. 


Terex biomass whole tree chippers are simply designed with fewer moving parts. With our durable heavy duty construction and powder coat paint process our products are robust to work in any logging environment.

Terex Environmental Equipment biomass chippers have pressure compensated hydraulics with simple componentry. The machine and hydraulics are controlled by the Terex Eaton FX control system that monitors and diagnoses the machines operating functions. Terex has also designed in manual hydraulic overrides that can be operated without the computer. These industry leading designs make maintenance and serviceability of our products much easier, reducing our customers operating costs and down time.

Standard features include a computer control hydraulic feed system, full knife pocket drum for chip quality, heavy duty 50” diameter chipping drum, which is designed to run at a lower rpm giving minimal vibration, and a high torque reverse pivot feed system for ease of loading.

Optional features include a 2, 3 or 4 knife pocket drum, screen option for chip sizing, 300 degree discharge for chip placement on right ways.

Available in two configurations; the standard tow behind or track driven. Both can be equipped with optional knuckle boom loaders and or screen and blower system.
The Terex Biomass Chipper 430 can produce up to 80 tonnes per hour of quality biomass and is a able to accept short end cuts up to 30” in diameter. The TBC 430 cuts with a 50” diameter by 30” wide drum and turns at 700 rpm’s for smoother cutting and less wear and tear on the machine.

The Terex Biomass Chipper 440 can produce up to 160 tonness per hour of quality biomass. The full knife pocket reduces overs and stringers made by the voids left when stagger knives systems pass by the anvil. It cuts with a 50” diameter by 45” wide full pocket cutting drum. Two, three and four knife pocket drums are available to give producers their perfect chip.

The TBC 460 is capable of producing 250 tonnes of biomass per hour. 800-1200 horse power Cat engines are offered on this unit. The chipper drum is 50” diameter by 60” wide. On average it can fill a 52’ chip van in approximately 8 minutes.

Standard features of the TBC 460 include: dual front stabilizer legs, electronic clutch, reverse pivot feed system, tri axles with air brakes, bolt in replaceable wear items, and the Terex Eaton FX control system. Available as a standard fifth wheel towable unit or a track driven unit, each model is offered with a cab and loader option. To facilitate top loading the TBC 460 can be equipped with a folding discharge chute.

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