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U.S. coalition announces Biomass101 campaign

June 2, 2015
By Andrew Snook

June 2, 2015 -  A U.S. coalition of forest owners, wood suppliers and manufacturers of pulp and paper goods recently announced the creation of, a clearinghouse for scientifically sound information on carbon-neutral bioenergy. Biomass101 is an effort jointly produced by the American Forest & Paper Association, American Wood Council, Forest Resources Association, and National Alliance of Forest Owners.

“With biomass becoming a more prominent part of the national renewable energy discussion, Americans deserve a conversation that is honest, accurate, and reliable,” said Chuck Fuqua, executive director for strategic communications at the American Forest & Paper Association.

“As the leading coalition of experts who care about and depend upon the sustainability of American forests, we are in a uniquely authoritative position in the conversation on the carbon benefits of forest bioenergy,” said Gretchen Schaefer, vice-president of communications at National Alliance of Forest Owners. will include blog posts, infographics, videos and other digital media content that corrects false or distorted information in the press. The effort will also have a robust social media presence.

“It is essential that leading publications get the basic facts on biomass right to ensure objective analysis.  As the hands-on stewards throughout the life cycle of forestry and forest products, we should be a central voice in the discussion and make sure that coverage is accurate and fair-minded,” said Neil A. Ward, vice-president of public affairs at the Forest Resources Association.


“When we encounter coverage that is not factual or objective, we feel obligated to correct the record so that the public receives balanced and unbiased information,” added Heather Stegner, communications director at the American Wood Council.


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