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World Bioenergy 2012 Preview

March 29, 2012
By canadian biomass

Pre-conference: May 28

Pre-conference: May 28

Arlanda – Jönköping
Bioenergy in agriculture
You will visit a combined heat and power plant, small-scale biodiesel production, biogas plant using municipal residues and more!

ENA Energi AB, Enköping
ENA Energi AB is a producer and distributor of district heating and electricity in the city of Enköping. The company has three boilers for heat production, originally using oil or propane gas as fuel.

Brunnsholm Biodiesel, Brunnsholm
Brunnsholms Säteri is a large farm south of Enköping and west of Stockholm. The Rinman family have invested in a large straw boiler and they produce RME – rapeseed methyl ester (biodiesel).


Vafab Miljö AB, Västerås
Växtkraft is a biogas plant in which bio-waste from households and restaurants is digested, together with ley crops from farms and sludge from grease separators, in large-scale kitchens. The biogas that is produced in the process can be utilized as environmentally compatible fuel for motor vehicles.

Stockholm/Skavsta – Jönköping
Solid biofuel and trade
Planned visits include a combined heat and power (CHP) plant handling solid biomass and pellet production.

Vattenfall, Idbäcksverket, Nyköping
The plant consists of a CHP unit with a total capacity of 100 MW, and two heat boilers with a total capacity of 80 MW.

BooForssjö AB, Katrineholm
The pellet plant began operation in 1995 and is integrated with the sawmill in Forssjö, where heat is used for drying timber and sawdust for wood pellet production. The production capacity is about 50,000 tonnes per year.

Kastrup/Copenhagen 1 – Jönköping
Solid biofuels
Tours include: Cleantech, combined heat and power using wood fuels and a large pellet factory at a saw mill.

Kastrup/Copenhagen 2 – Jönköping
Waste and biogas
Planned tours include waste CHP, biogas production from household and industry/agriculture waste.

Post-conference: June 1

Jönköping – Arlanda
Biofuels and bioliquids
The first post-conference tour includes visits to a biogas and biofuel (biodiesel) production facility.

Linköping – Swedish Biogas
Svensk Biogas runs a plant in Linköping using waste products from food industry and restaurants. The biogas is upgraded to be used as vehicle fuel (to more than 97% methane) for local traffic, taxis, buses and private cars.

MBP Group, Norrköping
At the post conference tour on June 1, 2012, visiting MBP Group in Norrköping you will have the opportunity to learn about how the oils are handled, cleaned and processed before they are delivered as feedstock for the biodiesel industry.

Jönköping 2 – Arlanda
Solid biomass
Tours will include stops at Sweden’s largest CHP plant.

Södertälje – Söderenergi
The Igelsta CHP plant is Sweden’s largest biofuelled cogeneration plant. The plant produces 200 MW of heat and 85 MW of electricity – enough to keep 50,000 private houses warm and power 100,000 homes. The CHP boiler is fired by biofuels and recovered waste fuels.

Jönköping 3 – Kastrup/Copenhagen
Biofuels from agriculture
This tour will showcase short rotation crops and locally produced biogas.

Daily tours May 29
Forest tour
One of the study tours goes to Stockarydsterminalen, situated along the southern main railway line, which handles transportation of forest products such as timber, pulpwood and biofuel.

May 30 Forest tour
HOTAB, Gränna AB – A medium-scale heat plant, run using solid biomass.
Jönköping Energi, Torsvik – CHP solid biomass and waste to energy
Cars, trucks and buses in three local stations use this renewable fuel, and the remaining material from the digester is bio-manure, which is distributed to regional farmers thus recycling nutrients to agriculture.
WP – Fågelfors hyvleri/UNY Konsult, Fågelfors. A visit to the Fågelfors Hyvleri, a pellet-production facility, which includes dinner at the Moliljan Spa.

May 31 Forest tour
Lantmännen Energi, Ulricehamn pellet-production plant
Falköping Energi/OPCON, Falköping – Energy and environmental technology group that develops, produces and markets systems and products for eco-friendly, efficient and low-resource energy usage.

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