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10 tips to extend the life of biomass dryers

February 20, 2019
By Canadian Biomass staff

Feb. 20, 2019 - As with most machinery, frequent and thorough maintenance can extend the life of biomass dryers, and help avoid unexpected dryer shutdowns.

Canadian Biomass asked dryer manufacturers for their top tips and best practices for maintaining biomass dryers to avoid downtime. Here’s what experts from Thompson Dryers, Uzelac Industries and Player Design had to say:

1) Create a Lubrication/cleaning schedule. Make sure the bearings, tires and tracks, and chain are lubricated (not over lubricated), and the burner, ducting, and bases are free from excess build up.

2) Implement bi-weekly checks of moving components to ensure the dryer is tracking and aligned properly.

3) Schedule annual inspections. Even though you may not see a problem, you are likely looking at the dryer every day and things are easily overlooked.


4) The dryer drum and trunnion wheels should be properly aligned every one to two years to extend the life of the dryer.

5) Regularly resurface drum tracks and trunnion wheels to reduce stress loading and shock vibrations. And resurface seal rings to ensure proper sealing, which reduces risks of explosions and fires.

6) If headplates show signs of cracking, installing stiffening rings can prevent flexing and stop the headplate from cracking. Simply repairing cracks will not stop the flexing that is causing the drum to crack.

7) If your burner isn’t working make sure to check the ignitor and flame sensor for problems first. This is often where the problem lies.

8) A recycle air system setup controls the temperature in the ducting, which avoids the costly and expensive practice of rebuilding refractory.

9) Changes in fuel usage can indicate a leaking seal. Leaking seals not only cause higher fuel costs, but can also increase the chance of a fire or explosion. Monitoring fuel usage checking seals regularly can prevent seals from leaking.

10) Implement a dryer training program for new operators to reduce the chance of accidents and prevent misuse of equipment. Make sure to review the equipment operating manual prior to use.

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