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BC community to heat pool with biomass

October 27, 2011
By Scott Jamieson

Oct 27, 2011, Sicamous, BC - Local officials here are looking into the potential benefits of bioenergy, including reducing the fire risk in urban interface forests and possibly heating public facilities such as community pools.

The District of Sicamous is a partner community in a project
funded by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions that will look at
the potential of using biomass (fallen wood, beetle kill, etc.) from
Crown land in the district’s interface areas for heating fuel, according to BC Local News.

As an example, district administrator Alan Harris points to Enderby, BC and their setting up of a
community heating system using biomass. He said an Enderby company,
Fink Machine Inc., which builds biomass-heating systems, is working on an
agreement with the city to heat the community’s pool.

“That is something this will look at – is there
an opportunity with the biomass that potentially can be generated from
around Sicamous – can it be used to put one of these systems in?”


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