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Award Categories

Champion of the Year
This award is given to an individual in the biomass industry who demonstrates exceptional advocacy and leadership to advance Canada’s bioeconomy. This Individual champions biomass projects and solutions, engages with policy and decision makers, and celebrates industry successes.

Company of the Year
This award is given to a biomass company that has taken remarkable strides in recent years to bring innovative products and solutions to the Canadian market. The award is open to bioenergy, bioproducts and biofuels companies, as well as biomass equipment suppliers and consultants.

Community Project of the Year
This award is given to an outstanding community biomass project in Canada, brought online with in the last three years. The award recognizes the community and its stakeholders who worked to bring a project to fruition. It is open to bioheat, biofuels and bioproducts projects from municipal and Indigenous communities as well as community groups and associations.

Thought Leader of the Year
This award is given to an individual who is mobilizing knowledge within Canada’s biomass industry by advancing, circulating, and advising on new, progressive research. This Individual is passionate about improving the industry, regularly engages with the public, and works to bring solutions to market.

Lifetime Achievement
This award is given to an individual who has dedicated their career to innovating, improving and accelerating biomass in Canada. This individual has made outstanding contributions to the industry, and demonstrated leadership, mentorship, and volunteerism throughout their career.