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CBI machines put on a show at Maine equipment expo

May 29, 2017
By Continental Biomass Industries

May 29, 2017 - Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) held live demos of its latest equipment at the Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo held in Bangor, Maine, May 19-20.

CBI’s Log & Stump Screw, 484B ChipMax Wood Chipper, 5800BT Horizontal Grinder, and the 6800BT Horizontal Grinder entertained crowds throughout the weekend.

The person who got the closest look at CBI’s machines was the show operator, Josh Qualey, who ran the Log & Stump Screw and loaded the machines for two days straight.

“It can split through anything you want to split through,” Qualey said of the CBI Log & Stump Screw. “Hard wood, soft wood, big gnarly stuff, small stuff… it doesn’t matter, it blows right through it.”

The Log and Stump Screw, mounted on a CAT 314E, continuously split and stacked material up to 70 inches in diameter. The screw’s sleek and simple design mesmerized those passing through the booth—many guests spent more than an hour in the bleachers watching the screw crack material. Showcasing the Log Screw’s versatility, Qualey was able to quickly detach the screw in front of the crowd and install a thumb-loader to the same excavator for feeding the wood chipper.

Freshly split wood was fed into the portable ChipMax 484B, which blasted consistent fuel quality wood chips into a trailer to be trucked away.

The 5800BT and 6800BT horizontal grinders headlined the event, drawing crowds every time their engines started up. The 6800BT’s 40” diameter x 60” wide upturn rotor has a forged, thick, high-strength rotor core with 24 weld-on hammers protected by replaceable tip mounting faces. The hammers are arranged in a patented o­ffset helix pattern that cuts the full width of the rotor. This design drastically increases throughput, allowing it to discharge a massive stream of wood grindings through the air. Guests watched as the 6800BT devoured material faster than it could be loaded.

Among the onlookers was Bob Obrien, who professionally operates two 6800BT grinders with Connecticut Mulch Distributors. Obrien is constantly impressed by the 6800BT’s production rates, mentioning how clients are baffled at the amount it can get through in one day.

“It’s amazing to see what you can do in a day with a machine like this,” Obrien said. “You can do everything remotely. It amazes me every day. The electronics are unbelievable, how did they engineer this without going crazy?”

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