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CFIA certifies Sustane Technologies’ GroBoost Fertilizer

September 26, 2023
By Sustane Technologies

Sustane Technologies’ 40,000-square-foot pilot plant in Nova Scotia diverts 90-plus per cent of waste entering its gates to produce biomass pellets, synthetic diesel and recyclable material. Photo courtesy Sustane Technologies.

Sustane Technologies announced they have achieved a first Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) certification for their organic GroBoost Fertilizer, an exciting milestone towards commercialization of this product now certified as safe and legal to be produced and sold in Canada.

Sustane’s GroBoost is produced with lower carbon intensity than traditional chemical fertilizers, improves soil health, and significantly mitigates chemical fertilizer run-off in fields.

Peter Vinall, CEO Sustane explains, “This certification is significant, and we are confident in saying that this could in fact represent a new category of fertilizers. We are not only organic, but we are leading the way to re-use society’s so-called waste in the highest and best way possible.“

Organic fertilizers such as GroBoost improve soil microbes, assist with water retention, and make the soil lighter so more air is available to plant roots. They don’t waste nutrients like chemical fertilizers nor are they likely to create a build-up of salts that could dampen plant growth. Further, organic fertilizers are less likely to chemically burn tender plant roots compared to synthetic products.


Kody Blois, Member of Parliament for Kings-Hants comments, “Sustane is delivering on the solutions we need for today’s world; viable new ideas for protecting agricultural land, maximizing resources, reducing waste, and improving food security. I am very pleased to see Sustane achieve compliance with CFIA so they can continue to scale the company and chart a sustainable path forward.”

Nova Scotia Innovation Hub executive director, Rod Badcock comments, “This is another breakthrough moment for Sustane – and a major step forward for regenerative agriculture that places them on an exciting track for their GroBoost product. They have a huge runway ahead providing this Nova Scotia-produced, bioeconomy product. GroBoost can aid farmers globally by addressing key issues related to the overuse of chemical fertilizers and the diminishing nutrient content in soils.”

Sustane can divert waste which was previously destined for the landfill. For every tonne of waste that Sustane processes, it reduces CO2 emissions by two to three tonnes. In a year, for a typical plant, this translates to reducing 216,000 tonnes of GHG emissions which is equivalent to taking 50,000 cars off the road.

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