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Invert’s carbon forestry expert develops biochar methodology

September 2, 2022
By Invert

Invert's head of carbon forestry, Matt Delaney. Photo supplied.

Ottawa-based Invert Inc., a specialized carbon reduction and offsetting company focused on making carbon credits accessible to individuals, is proud to congratulate Matt Delaney, the company’s head of carbon forestry, for his contributions to developing the recently published Verra Biochar Methodology. The methodology, published by Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard Program, paves the way for new nature-based approaches to carbon removal, specifically biochar utilization in soil and other applications.

Biochar is a solid and stabilized carbon material formed by the thermochemical processing of biomass in an oxygen limited environment. When used as a soil amendment, biochar can help retain nutrients and water. The carbon in biochar is resistant to decomposition and can persist in soils for hundreds of years. Biochar was among the IPCC’s short-list of Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) that could provide a significant sequestration impact, with the potential to mitigate over a billion tonnes of CO2 per year by 2050.

The Biochar Methodology was developed by a consortium of experts from the biochar and carbon removal industry, including Invert’s internal subject matter expert and head of carbon forestry, Matt Delaney. Matt collaborated with a team of experts to develop the methodology including FORLIANCE, South Pole and Biochar Works. The new methodology outlines how net emissions removals are calculated from biochar production and application. The methodology is comprehensive in that the carbon accounting boundary extends from sourcing the waste biomass, making biochar, to its final use (in soil or approved non-soil applications).

“Matt is an incredible asset to the Invert team, with over 20 years of experience in forest carbon methodology development, his knowledge and experience are invaluable not only to Invert, but to the global fight against climate change,” said Andre Fernandez, Co-CEO, Invert Inc. “We applaud his thought leadership in co-developing the recent biochar methodology and look forward to many more success stories as we continue to advance our carbon reduction investments and software platform.”


Matt has been part of the successful implementation of carbon projects on over two million acres of land, and is the co-author of an Improved Forest Management (IFM) methodology under the American Carbon Registry.

In addition to developing new carbon methodologies, as part of his role as head of carbon forestry at Invert, Matt evaluates and completes due diligence on forest carbon project opportunities including IFM, REDD+, and reforestation projects globally. He also identifies new opportunities in the carbon offset and removal sector.

Verra will hold two webinars to launch the biochar methodology on Sep. 9 and 20.

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