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New coalition proposes plan to increase supply and demand for clean gas in Canada

November 14, 2023
By Canadian Biogas Association

A diverse collection of companies and organizations have come together to form the Clean Gas Coalition, led by the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA). The coalition’s goal is to increase regulatory support for clean gas which includes biogas, renewable natural gas (RNG), and low-carbon hydrogen, by advocating for a federal Clean Gas Standard.

“Biogas has the potential to play a powerful role in helping Canada achieve its climate targets,” said Jennifer Green, executive director of the CBA. “But we need strong policies and programs to support the growth of the sector.”

Despite the introduction of federal environmental regulations such as the Clean Fuel Regulations and Output-Based Pricing System, these policies do not provide requirement to reduce GHG emissions from the use of gaseous fuels nor much support for the introduction of clean gas into the market.

As well, many end-users of natural gas would like to decarbonize their energy use and meet corporate targets for GHG emission reductions, but without the significant capital cost that may come with switching out infrastructure to use other forms of energy, like electricity. Replacing a portion of the natural gas stream with clean gas enables companies to reduce GHG emissions while using current infrastructure.

To address this, the Clean Gas Coalition has developed a policy proposal for a Clean Gas Standard. The Standard would require natural gas distributors to decrease the carbon intensity of the gaseous fuel stream by introducing clean gas into the domestic market.

“Renewable natural gas and low-carbon hydrogen play an important role in a diversified energy future along with low-carbon electricity and CCUS”, says Nicole Brunner, director, gas supply for Enbridge Gas.

“Many of our clients are searching for decarbonization options, whether for compliance or corporate targets” says Marie-France Gravelle, Future Energy Leader, Canada for GHD. “Clean gases have versatility and can be applied to decarbonize many sectors and end uses including transportation, the electricity grid, and heavy industry”.

“There will be demand for natural gas decades into the future” says Brandon Moffat, co-founder and VP development at StormFisher. “If the natural gas stream is not decarbonized then that’s a missing piece for climate action.”

The Clean Gas Coalition invites interested companies and organizations to join their effort to support the production and use of clean gas in Canada. To learn more about the Coalition and its policy proposal, visit

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