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New dashboard for modifying PC power plants

March 24, 2016
By FutureMetrics

March 24, 2016 - FutureMetrics has released a comprehensive analysis tool for pulverized coal (PC) power plant owners/operators. The dashboard provides high-level estimates of the costs for modifying a PC power plant so that it can blend industrial wood pellets with coal (co-firing).

If the Clean Power Plan survives its political and legal challenges (see our previous white paper on this topic), one of the most cost efficient pathways to lowering CO2 emissions is to use existing PC power plants and blend wood pellets with coal.  

Co-firing allows a utility to use existing PC generation assets while also lowering CO2 emissions. The PC plant will run with the same reliability and power generation output as it did on 100 per cent coal. Using industrial wood pellets is not the same as using wood chips!  Pellets are an upgraded dried and densified solid fuel that is easily integrated into the existing PC plant fuel mix.

FutureMetrics has detailed presentations discussing the technical and economic issues associated with modifying a PC power plant. We have details about all the risk factors including reliability and fuel security.  

In case the Clean Power Plan survives now is the time to learn about co-firing. The strategy of using wood pellets to substitute for a portion of the coal used to fuel the plant is already fully implemented in many PC plants around the world.  


If you are a utility or power plant operator, please contact us for more information. If you are not a utility or power plant operator but have contacts in that sector, please forward this email to them.

In the meantime, use the dashboard!

The free dashboard can be downloaded from the FutureMetrics website:

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