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Nor-Arc Steel obtains pressure vessels & boilers manufacturing certificates

September 1, 2021
By Mike Jiggens

Brought to you by Nor-Arc

Nor-Arc pressure vessel.

Since 1975, Nor-Arc Steel Fabricators has been a leading advanced manufacturing and fabrication company in Northern Ontario, specializing in project management, detailing and manufacturing of industrial equipment according to our customer’s specifications.

Nor-Arc Steel Fabricators has received certifications in accordance with the Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Act (TSSA) with regard to the manufacturing and assembly for both pressure vessels and power boilers at their facility in Earlton, ON. All production must take place in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, as well as regulatory safety procedures.

With their company’s objective in becoming North America’s leading service provider of material storage and build-to-order manufacturer, this now authorizes Nor-Arc to perform more tasks such as repair/adjustment of boilers, pressure vessels, power piping, process piping, as well as A, B, E and H type fittings.


Due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19, customers limited Nor-Arc from working on sites, and travelling restrictions were put in place by public health organizations. Strategies were put in place to deal with these problems, and as a result of new training and educational investment, employees received the training for a welding certification around pressure vessels. The certifications will also allow the design, fabrication, and install of power piping, process piping, and refrigeration piping. The licenses will also strengthen Nor-Arc’s plan to promote the usage of biomass energy.

Prior to acquiring the certificates, Nor-Arc offered services to the mining, forestry, energy and manufacturing sectors across North America. The company specializes in the development of projects that combine the process of raw steel materials along with mechanical and hydraulic works.

Unlike other individual specialized companies, Nor-Arc is capable of offering all of their services under one roof. The company’s main products are wood handling equipment used in the transport of raw material to process waste material, dry holding facilities and steel conduits such as hydro dam penstocks. Meeting customers’ needs in Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces, Western Canada, and the United states, the organization is committed to providing superior value and service to their customers, while maintaining profitability for their shareholders.

Nor-Arc is capable of giving clients planning, procurement, manufacturing, finishing, and installation. With an already fully trained team that permits them the ability to repair and carry out regular maintenance plant shutdowns, obtaining these certificates offers new opportunities for Nor-Arc employees to learn new skills in a safe working environment.


Jason Naccarato, B.Eng (Mechanical), M.B.A., P.M.P., is the director of business development for Nor-Arc Steel Fabricators – KMW Energy, 145 McNabb, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada. He can be reached at or (705) 254-9216.

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