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PA Pellets qualifies under PFI Standards Program

September 8, 2017
By Pellet Fuels Institute

Sept. 8, 2017 - The Pellet Fuels Institute today announced the qualification of PA Pellets of Ulysses, Pennsylvania, to the PFI Standards Program as the 38th facility qualified for the program. The PFI Standards Program is a third-party accreditation program providing specifications for residential and commercial-grade pellet fuel. PA Pellets’ parent company, Biomaxx, Inc. previously qualified its Arcade, New York facility Dry Creek Products into the program.

“We at Biomaxx are thrilled that our second facility, PA Pellets, is now qualified by the PFI Standards Program,” said Chris Modesti, President and CEO of Biomaxx. “We want our customers to know how much we value quality, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that our product meets the high standards set by the program. Our product hasn’t changed except for the Quality Mark, which will appear on our bags to remind our customers that they are getting the highest quality pellet. Our pellets will keep you warm while helping to extend the life of your pellet appliances.”

“We are so pleased to see Biomaxx qualify its second pellet production facility, PA Pellets, into the PFI Standards Program,” said Stan Elliot, Chairman of the PFI Board of Directors. “It says a lot about the industry that so many producers, including PA Pellets, have put the time, effort and funding into confirming that their products continue to meet or exceed the high standards set by the program.”

In qualifying for the Standards Program, PA Pellets joins facilities from more than 20 other companies with previously qualified facilities: New England Wood Pellet, Curran Renewable Energy, American Wood Fibers, Lignetics Inc., Marth Peshtigo Pellet Co., Forest Energy Corp., Indeck Ladysmith, Energex, Spearfish Pellet Co., Smith Flooring, Michigan Wood Fuels LLC, Trae Fuels Ltd., Somerset Pellet Fuel, Northeast Wood Products, Georgia Biomass, Snow Timber Pellets, Colombo Energy, Appalachian Wood Pellets, Instantheat Wood Pellets, Fiber Energy Products, Biomaxx, Pacific Coast Pellets and Fiber By-Products.

“With every new qualification, consumers have better access to pellets that are produced in independently accredited facilities,” Elliot continued. “The Quality Mark on the bag lets a consumer know that they are purchasing fuel from an independently evaluated pellet producer. If you’re not sure, ask your retailer about how to identify the Quality Mark on pellet bags. We look forward to many more PFI Standards Program members.”


PFI Standards Program participants can display the PFI Quality Mark on their pellet bags, signifying their qualification to the program requirements. This quality mark demonstrates to consumers that the product comes from a facility that submits its product to regular third party audits by an independent accredited auditing agency and testing laboratory. Random audits are regularly performed at production facilities to ensure qualified companies are following a quality control program. Wood pellets are tested according to the program specifications, also on a monthly basis. By taking these steps, participants ensure that their pellet quality remains consistent.

PA Pellets was qualified by accredited auditing agency Timber Products Inspection. For information on qualifying for the program, the first step is to contact an accredited auditing agency, a list of which can be find on PFI’s website. For further details on the PFI Standards Program, including a list of participating manufacturers, visit the PFI website,

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