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Pellet sources: Buy bulk or in bags

Nov. 22, 2017 - No matter where you live in Canada, you’re likely to find a local pellet mill from which to obtain all your supplies.

November 22, 2017
By Tamar Atik



Sourcing from a local mill can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, but more importantly, it’s a real option that wasn’t available not too long ago. | READ MORE 

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1 Comment » for Pellet sources: Buy bulk or in bags
  1. R. ALEXANDER says:

    Should not local B C pellet mills be required to supply 40 lb bags for the local markets first, almost all hardware’s are importing pellets from Washington and has resulted in an a average price increase of 100 dollars plus per ton. When we talk about carbon neutral and take in the trucking I would say there no longer netural. Now let’s talk carbon credits, who is getting the credit for carbon credits, the local mill or some there forgien entey. Who is buying and selling them and who reaps their benefits. If the local mills do then shame on them, they should get no benefit if they can not and will not supply the BC lo al markets. After all it’s our resources, they belong to the people of our province, the socially acceptable thing to do is supply our own needs first.

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