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Prairie Creek offers closed loop, carbon capture biomass elimination system

January 22, 2019
By Prairie Creek Energy Services

Jan. 22, 2019 - The future of wood waste. Prairie Creek Energy Services' Air Curtain Carbonizer is a closed loop, carbon capture waste (or biomass) elimination system. It operates on advanced principles and processes to be the most cost-effective, environment-friendly, portable wood waste combustion systems on the market.

The portable equipment provides a secure and safe environment in which the combustion of wood and other types of waste occur, utilizing the wood and other combustible waste streams as its own fuel source. The elevated combustion chamber, above chamber air curtain, and pre-heated under-fire air, increase combustion efficiency. There is no smoke when burning (only when the air curtain is pierced), all the smoke and ash is kept in the carbonizer with the air curtain creating a vortex that reaches heats of 2,500 F. This Enviro Saver is the most cost and environmentally effective way for customers to eliminate their wood and other applicable waste materials.

There is an internal quenching system that turns wood waste into biochar, three to five per cent of inbound weight is turned into biochar, approximately 400 to 500 pounds per hour. All while reducing green house gases, mitigating climate change, and improving crop and pasture yields with biochar.

The unit is readily available, easily moved and can be brought to anyone who may need it.

Prairie Creek Energy Services also offers mobile, high-production sub-soilers that incorporate biomass back into the soil. Not like traditional mulchers that leave the debris on the surface. They also offer bio-security for environmentally sensitive areas.


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