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Puration testing Greenbelt bioethanol for use in CBD extraction process

August 21, 2017
By Greenbelt Resources Corporation

Aug. 21, 2017 - Puration has selected Greenbelt Resources Corporation's bioethanol to test for potential use in Puration's patented CBD (cannabidiol) extraction method.

Extraction methods commonly use ethanol but this will be the first time bioethanol produced from Greenbelt’s patent pending energy efficient membrane dehydration technology will be used in the process. Greenbelt produces its bioethanol from local waste streams including those produced by breweries and wineries.

Greenbelt has also developed a waste-to-energy technology known as ECOsystem that can be used as a global solution to address multiple types of food waste including those created on the farm and during the food processing. The process produces bioproducts including bioethanol, fertilizer, potable water and in some cases a high protein feed for human consumption designed to help meet the growing need for protein around the world. Greenbelt CEO Darren Eng anticipates that the ECOsystem technology will not only become a significant solution in the US but also in countries around the world. Currently Greenbelt is working on an initiative in Jakarta, Indonesia, The Indonesian initiative, JababECO, has broken ground. When the MOU was signed in April, it was celebrated by the attendance of Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

Extraction processes are used in many industries including the expanding legalized cannabiniod industry. Recent data shows that nearly 1.9 million North Americans are legally using cannabidiol to manage medical conditions as severe as polymorphic seizures and as common as chronic pain, while millions more are consuming it legally in adult-use states with little or no negative impact. Use is expected to grow exponentially as more states pass legal use laws.

Puration Inc. recently entered into an agreement with NCM Biotech, Inc. that is a substantial upgrade to the two companies previous joint venture agreement. NCM Biotech has licensed to PURA the right to utilize NCM Biotech’s patented ethanol extraction process to produce cannabidiol extracts for infusion into recreational, fitness, wellness, alternative medicine and beauty products. NCM Biotech exclusively owns U.S. Patent No. 9,199,960 which describes a “Method and apparatus for processing herbaceous plant materials…” NCM and PURA are combining efforts to build a state of the art extraction lab where the patented process can be further refined and tested not just improving the quality of PURA’s extracts for recreational, fitness, wellness, alternative medicine and beauty product uses, but also for pharmaceutical applications.


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