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White paper compares pellets with natural gas

October 24, 2016
By FutureMetrics

Oct. 24, 2016 - A new white paper from FutureMetrics compares two scenarios for lowering carbon emissions in the power generation sector, one involving natural gas and the other wood pellets.

The paper analyzes the net present value of the total costs for a new natural gas combined cycle power plant versus converting an existing pulverized coal power plant to run on industrial wood pellets. Those costs are used to calculate the cost of each avoided tonne of CO2 emissions.

The paper shows that when comparing the two scenarios, and when factoring in the reduction in CO2 emissions from each technological solution, the solution that provides significantly higher CO2 reduction at a lower net monetary cost per avoided ton is by repurposing existing pulverized coal power plants to run on industrial wood pellets.

The paper also offers some thoughts on policy. The paper is accompanied by a new dashboard that allows the user to experiment with the assumptions used in the model.

This white paper and dashboard and other white papers and dashboards can be freely downloaded from the FutureMetrics website.


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