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6 highlights from the first annual Bioheat Week

May 12, 2023
By Maria Church

Canadian Biomass teamed up this year with eight national media brands to turn the spotlight on all things bioheat. For five days we highlighted columns, research and feature stories on bioheat solutions for industries across the country.

Here’s a snapshot of what was shared during the week:

1) 20/20 boiler hindsight: Heizomat Canada’s Grant Rawcliffe shared five things he’d do differently after nine years of operating a biomass boiler and supporting customers. From bolt blockages to chimney fires, there are many takeaways for new project developers.

2) Setting a standard: Canada currently has regulatory barriers that restrict the sale of small solid biomass combustors. Harry “Dutch” Dresser and Gordon Murray explain how a new white paper addresses those barriers and sets the stage for the creation of a new national standard.


3) Pel-air systems: In a technical contribution from our partner HPAC magazine, writer John Siegenthaler explores design options for retrofitting a pellet boiler to a forced-air heating system.

4) The full picture: Natural Resources Canada- CanmetENERGY teamed up with Torchlight Bioresources to create a database of bioheat projects across Canada. With a new version of the database due to be published soon, the project is going online for easier access.

5) Shift to pellet heat: In our first webinar of the week, Wood Pellet Association of Canada’s Gordon Murray gave a wood pellet heat 101 talk covering fuel procurement, storage, boiler operation, factors for efficient combustion, particulate emissions, ash handling and building heat distribution.

6) Low cost, low carbon: Our second webinar of the week heard from Fink Machine’s David Dubois, who reviewed design aspects of modern bioheat systems, including operational details about their own privately owned and operated district heating system in Enderby, B.C.

Today is the final day of Bioheat Week 2023, but we’ll continue to archive future content on this landing page to serve as a year-round hub for industry and curious minds to learn best practices and find the latest information on bioheat.

Let us know what you thought of this year’s Bioheat Week on social media with #BioheatWeek, or get in touch with one of us from our contacts page.

And I’d like to once again thank our inaugural sponsors for making it all possible: Wood Pellet Association of CanadaFink MachineHeizomat Canada, and KMW Energy.

This article is part of the Bioheat Week 2023. Read more articles about bioheat in Canada.

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