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BioFuelNet offering online certificate course on advanced biofuels

September 5, 2017
By BioFuelNet Canada

Sept. 5, 2017 - Let’s be honest, when it comes to biofuels, there is still a lot of confusion on what they truly are and how they work. It seems biofuels stir a lot of debates, but both parties often seem to contradict one another. The information is so spread out that it becomes difficult to know who to believe. It turns out that advanced biofuels are so complex that even some professionals and academics working in the sector itself can struggle over the global understanding of biofuels.

BioFuelNet, the Canadian network on biofuels, took this great confusion as an opportunity to shed light on what is what, with the help of a brand new online course on the entire supply-chain of biofuels. The Advanced Biofuels Course (ABC) holds its name right, because it really is a great tool to learn the ABCs of biofuels, from feedstock to commercialization.

What makes this course stand out from anything else is that each class focuses on a specific subject given by an expert in that particular field. This means, no more confusion, no more contradictions. Following this course is like attending an entire conference with top experts for each session, in the comfort of your home.

To learn more about the Advanced Biofuels Course 2017 Edition starting Sept. 18, click here.


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