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New book explores the ins and outs of heating with wood

February 14, 2022
By Pieter D. Kofman and Eugene Hendrick

Photo courtesy Pieter Kofman.

A new book, Wood as a Fuel, by Pieter D. Kofman and Eugene Hendrick was recently published.

The book consists of five volumes which describe the main wood fuels: firewood, wood chips and wood pellets. They comprehensively outline raw material sources, seasoning, drying and production processes, transportation and quality issues. It features many examples of ways to improve product quality and efficiency, designed to enable readers to produce and use high-quality wood fuels.

The history of wood fuels, an outline of what wood is, and why it makes such a useful and versatile fuel are covered in the opening volume. Standards, the backbone of the wood fuel trade, are outlined. Trade itself, and other relevant aspects of transacting wood fuel, round out the introductory volume.

The final concluding volume comprises two parts. The first part covers combustion, wood ash and embedded energy, while the second part deals with the economic and sustainability aspects of wood fuels, including one of the main rationales for their use: tackling the climate emergency. Other topics covered include sustainable harvesting, and how modern bioenergy use leads to clean combustion. These volumes open a new window into wood fuels, providing an essential and comprehensive reference for all those engaged along the wood fuel chain.


The book costs €49.50, including postage and packing, and can bought here or through Amazon books.

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