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WPAC looks for clarification on new EU deforestation regulation

June 29, 2023
By Maria Church

Hog fuel pile. Photo: Annex Business Media

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) says it’s looking for clarification on the new European Union Deforestation Regulation that comes into force tomorrow.

Wood pellets will be among the forest products entering the EU market that must comply with the new regulation, which replaces the EU Timber Regulation.

“We are confident in our ability to comply; however, it is a new administrative burden on exporters,” WPAC executive director Gordon Murray said in an email to Canadian Biomass.

Murray said they are co-operating with the federal government to seek clarification from the EU on a number of issues, including specific definitions on deforestation and degradation.


WPAC is looking for clarity on how “substantiated concerns” in Article 31 of the regulation will be identified and addressed, how the country low-risk ranking will work for audit checks, and how geo-referencing will work.

“The EU imports forest products globally, from responsible countries like Canada, but also from countries known for poor forest stewardship. This new law is intended to guarantee that the products EU citizens consume do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation worldwide. While we applaud the EU’s intentions, we need to ensure that administrative requirements do not inadvertently become a barrier to continued responsible trade,” Murray said.

The new EU regulation will have an 18-month transition period before entering into application on Dec. 30, 2024.

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