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New FutureMetrics white paper, dashboard explores impact of biomass carbon capture

January 5, 2021
By FutureMetrics

FutureMetrics has published a new white paper and dashboard about biomass carbon capture and sequestration (BCCS).

When BCCS is used with sustainably sourced biomass-based fuels, significant carbon negative outcomes are achievable.

This new brief white paper shows how the combination of sustainably sourced wood pellet fuel and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) used in an existing coal-fueled power station that has been modified to use pellet fuel instead of coal can achieve significant negative CO2 emissions.

The white paper is complemented with a new interactive dashboard that allows the user to change and adjust many of the critical inputs to the model (see image above). The dashboard calculates the negative emissions (in kg/MWh) and estimates the net cost per tonne of avoided CO2 using two methods.


The dashboard updates in real time to changes in any of the inputs.

The white paper and dashboard are free. Go to the FutureMetrics website and scroll down to access the white papers and dashboards.

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