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Some of the worlds most advanced wood pelleting plants: Made by AMANDUS KAHL

KAHL plans, designs, and builds machines, plants, and turnkey production factories for conditioning and compacting of many differents products for a wide variety of industries including food & nutrients, disposal & recycling, chemicals, sugar and feed.

Biomass pellets for energy falls within the recycling sector and since KAHL entered this market in the mid 1970’s, biomass pelleting now accounts for approximately 30% share by value of the pelleting process solutions.

While North America has historically accounted for the majority of the plant and machinery sales in the buiomass sector, KAHL has recently enjoyed great success in other parts of the world and here we look at two examples where whole plants have been designed and constructed.

In 2016, KAHL received an order from ULK to supply a complete wood pellet production plant with an annual capacity of 150,000 t. The decisive factor in selecting KAHL as the supplier was the fact that, as a mechanical engineering company, KAHL develops and manufactures all the core wood pelleting machines and is responsible for the entire process.

Brazil also has high stocks of plantation woods, but predominatly fast-growing woods with a much higher comparable yield per hectare. Now the world’s first large-scale industrial plant for acacia wood has been put into operation in Brazil. The annual output of the plant is 350,000 t.

In cooperation with Brazilian companies, KAHL has delivered the first plant of this type for Tanac S.A. and successfully commissioned it. The focus was on a resource and energy-saving process that ensures a high quality standard of the end product.

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