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Dansons was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and his two sons with the desire to turn the waste of sawmills into a reliable source of energy. Through widespread success in Canada, the US, and internationally, our company eventually went on to expand its product line from horse and animal bedding, to pellet fuel and pellet fuel appliances.

Today, Dansons is a global consumer goods corporation that is proudly still family-owned and managed. As the home of multiple award-winning, consumer-backed brands, we consistently strive for quality and customer satisfaction in every area of our business.

Thanks to faithful leadership and team members, competitive industry-leading products, and our dedication to family-oriented values, we are thankful to continue our mission to deliver superior results with uncompromising integrity while honoring God and reinvesting in those in need.

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Our Company Quote:Ā “We pride ourselves on taking care of others. From ensuring customer satisfaction to giving back to our global communities, it’s caring about people, that matters the most.”

Dansons Mission Statement

To provide our global customers with world-class, competitive, innovative products while delivering superior results to all stakeholders and never compromising our integrity. Honoring God who has provided these opportunities, to reinvest in those in need.

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