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5 highlights from the first annual Biofuels Week

October 20, 2023
By Maria Church

Canadian Biomass turned the spotlight on all things biofuels this week. For five days we highlighted columns, research and feature stories on biofuels projects and technologies.

Here’s a snapshot of what was shared during the week:

1) New ways to convert by-products: University of Alberta researcher Yanet Rodriguez Herrero has developed two new ways to convert CO2 and biofuel byproducts into valuable chemicals. Read more.

2) Agricultural energy: In a new op-ed, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada executive director Meaghan Seagrave notes that Canada’s agriculture sector not only fuels the economy but possesses the untapped potential to drive a transformative shift in the nation’s energy landscape. Read more.


3) Importance of humidity measurements: Antti Heikkilä with Vaisala explains that between calculating methane volume and determining the frequency of changing carbon filters, understanding how humidity impacts the biogas production process helps ensure maximum project efficiency and profitability. Read more.

4) New players: We profiled Green Impact Partners in Calgary that is working to create North America’s largest carbon-negative RNG and ethanol project, and Balance BioGas in the Yukon that is developing small-scale biodigesters designed specifically for waste management and to decarbonize rural and remote communities.

5) Where’s the strategy?: In a new opinion piece, Jeff Passmore decries the lack of a national bioeconomy strategy in Canada, stating: “This lack of national focus on the bioeconomy means Canada will import bio-based products and export jobs.” Read more.

Today is the final day of Biofuels Week 2023, but we’ll continue to archive future content on this landing page to serve as a year-round hub for industry and curious minds to learn best practices and find the latest information on biofuels.

Let us know what you thought of this year’s Biofuels Week on social media with #BiofuelsWeek, or get in touch with one of us from our contacts page.

And I’d like to once again thank our inaugural sponsor for making it all possible: Vaisala.

This article is part of Biofuels Week 2023. To read more articles on biofuels, click here.

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