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Cielo’s cooling equipment upgrades allow for continuous production flow

August 4, 2021
By Cielo Waste Solutions

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. has finished the installation of its newly engineered proprietary cooling equipment at its waste-to-renewable fuel facility in Aldersyde, Alta.

The waste process coming from the reactor tower is at approximately 365 degrees Celsius and is then reduced to less than 20 degrees Celsius in less than 11 minutes. It eliminates the need for Cielo’s operators to shut down the production of distillate for six hours after every 18 hours, and will allow Cielo to reach its goal for continuous flow of production.

The Aldersyde facility is now working with a third-party engineering team to fine tune the temperatures and mass balance in order to achieve the Cielo’s 24,000-litres-per-day (1,000lph) output goal.  The process is expected to benefit the Aldersyde facility and all future facilities, including the previously announced joint venture facilities to be built, with the intention of maximizing quality, output and profit.

Cielo is currently completing another facility upgrade, which is the installation of a submersible heater that will be used to preheat used motor oil to help keep the reactor at the optimal operating temperature. This upgrade is expected to be completed as early as next week.


The distillate Cielo has in its storage tanks has been used to produce renewable naphtha and diesel, and the company has satisfied the volume required for the presale order that was announced Nov. 23, 2020 for 60,000 litres.

“The latest major modifications have proved to work better then we expected and we’re happy we chose to carefully plan the proper cooling system and other modifications,” Don Allan, president and CEO of Cielo, said. “We believe that we are now ready to show the world we have a complete process that will prove 16 plus years of hard work is ready to pay off. Together with the entire team, we are very excited to see our hard work coming to fruition and we are looking forward to reporting in the near future that we have reached the 1,000 lph or 24,000 litre per day output.”

Cielo has fast tracked the order of catalyst that will be used in the desulphurization process, and its engineers have completed the fabrication drawings to build the necessary proprietary equipment. The company is soliciting quotes for all the required equipment and, once satisfied with the quotes, will immediately order the equipment for fabrication and installation.


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